Review: Betta Elastic Belt, Your Pants Will Fit No Matter What!

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I am more on the tall and skinny side, so it often happens that pants I wear are a bit loose at the waist. In everyday life I don’t even notice that, and when I do a regular belt fixes the problem. But when it comes to sports this can be quite a pain in the ass. Especially with mountain biking. You can not adjust your pants when you hands are on the handlebars :) and if your pants hang too low they get stuck on your saddle when you move behind it on very steep terrain. This is when annoying can become even dangerous. Constantly adjusting your pants is annoying also in other sports – on BMX bike, skateboard, longboard…or even while traveling, hiking and carrying stuff.

I was using a regular belt on my MTB shorts but was never really satisfied, because the belt is rigid pants still managed to somehow wrinkle and sag a little under the belt, but it was ok enough not to think about it anymore. That is until I got the chance to test this innovative elastic stretch belt. The BETTA Belt is just amazing! I have never used other elastic belts, but BETTA Belt is the perfect solution to all your belt and sports problems. Belt has no holes, it uses a cam-style buckle so you can perfectly adjust the belt size or even better, make it just a little bit tight so the elastic does it’s work. The belt will then stretch and contract together with your movements and your pants will stay exactly in the same place! It’s just amazing. And it gives you that sense of security around the waist, you can feel where your belt and pants are at all times. So to put it mildly, I am never taking it off my MTB pants and I might order one more for other uses :)!

Elastic Betta belt.

If you are interested, here are some tech details, features and benefits:

  • BETTA Belt is made with flat, thick and durable high quality polyester elastic that stretches enough to maximize comfort without sacrificing support
  • thermoplastic buckle won’t set off metal detectors, so your new go-to belt doesn’t need to be removed at security checkpoints
  • Dense, strong and durable, yet surprisingly light
  • The strap width won’t narrow while stretched!
  • Highest break-strength, abrasion resistance, maximum UV protection and water resistance – it’s the best elastic material for outdoor activities
  • Custom-designed thermoplastic belt buckle that is stronger, tougher and more functional
  • Fit can be micro-adjusted

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