DryTide Waterproof Backpack

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Hey guys, this time we got our hands on some highly useful shit. That is if your life revolves a lot around water. We had a chance to test the DryTide waterproof backpack. What is that? It is a proper backpack that is at the same time a drybag – meaning it is waterproof! So what is so special about it? Drybags have been around for a while, kayakers use them all the time, then people that go rafting, climbing in caves, people that go boating, fishing, stand up paddling… Problem with dry bags is that they are basically just pouches and are really uncomfortable to carry around and they lack pockets so all your smaller stuff ends at the bottom of the bag. This makes them ok for keeping your things dry, but for more than that they are a pain in the ass. Thanks to DryTide both of these problems are now solved!

DryTide backpack is a 50l backpack that gives you plenty of space for all you belongings that you want to keep safe and dry. It has proper shoulder straps and a hip belt that makes carrying the backpack around much easier that carrying a dry bag. It also has a padded back made out of non water absorbing foam that prevents direct contact between the bag and your back (less sweat!). With DryTide you can pack your gear and bring it on to the plane, car…comfortably carry it around if you have to walk 15min from parking to the airport, from your car to the beach etc..and then when you get to the water throw it into your kayak, paddle around and make sea touring trip to the nearby island, then take the backpack and hike with it to the top of the island, trek through the jungle, walk your dog in heavy rain… whatever. This is your all in one backpack for water related activities, for traveling in heavy rains, humid environments or even extremely dry and sandy climates (sand can be even worse for your camera and laptop than water). Backpack has pockets on the outside and a laptop pocket on the inside so you can organize all your little things like sunscreen, glasses etc… it’s really really useful.

Backpack has also two side mesh pockets that are designed to fit 1.5l bottle of water each, but you can use them for whatever you want of course. Then there is a top pocket for smaller objects and a bigger back pocket that can serve as a stach for things that got wet like swimming suit, neoprene top, booties etc… Backpack also has elastic straps if you need to quickly secure something to your backpack so your hands are free. It even has a small loop at the bottom that you can use to hang the backpack upside down so it dries faster if you wash it.

All waterproof compartments on the DryTide backpack are constructed without stitching using ultrasonic welding. This process requires expensive machinery which is why these backpacks are more expensive than regular backpacks but still in comparison to some top brand backpacks you are getting a waterproof backpack for the price of a regular one!

We have been using this backpack for a while now and we love it. It is everything that we needed for all our water trips.

If you are interested and think this would come in handy, check them out on: http://drytidegear.com

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