Ho Stevie Surfboard Sock

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I’ve got the Ho Stevie surfboard sock a few months ago and I’ve been using it ever since, so here is a short review. First, why use a sock anyway? A sock will protect your board from those small hits that surfboards get when we carry them around, from appartment to garage, from garage to car, from car to the beach. A sock won’t save your board from any real disaster like dropping your board from your hands down the stairs or something (just randomly mentioning this, never happend to me…) but it does help with the little bumps and hits. Next is protection from the sun. Sun or to be more exact UV rays will eventually turn your white board yellow. Now you can not prevent this while you surf, but when you are out of the water a sock will stop the sun and help you keep your board white. And finally there is the wax. A sock will stop the wax from leaving your board and sticking to car seats, roof racks…and it will stop the wax from your friends board, who never uses a sock, to stick to the bottom of your board. I hate that!

Now to the Ho Stevie surboard sock. It’s a pretty standard sock, I mean, there is no rocket science in surfboard socks, but it is well made and it looks to be made out of very durable and stretchy fabric. You have three colors I think – white, red and blue to choose from, it has a reinforced nose, drawstring closure and a small velcro storage pocket (for wax, keys, etc). You can put your board in with your fins on, no need to take them out, just make sure your sock is the right size. Socks are pretty stretchy and even a smaller sock will fir a longer bigger board, but when your sock is really stretched over the fins, sharp fins can make holes in your sock. I had no problems like that with Ho Stevie sock, but it happened on another brand sock I’ve owned.

Anyway – if you need a solid sock for your surfboard, go to Ho Stevie site and get one:)!

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