HoStevie Floating GoPro Grip Review

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A while ago I got my hands on a great surf oriented mouth mount for my GoPro from HoStevie which I still use when I’m in the mood to take some GoPro surfing shots. So I was happy to review another mount from the same company. This time it’s a floating GoPro grip. Unlike the mouth mount this grip is not a new idea. What sets it apart from other similar grips is the fact that it is really very well made (I own another similar grip). The stick, I mean the part that you grip is made out of carbon fiber and should last at least until GoPro 50+ comes out :) it’s almost indestructible, 3 times as strong as steel and very lightweight. The mount – the top of it where you put your GoPro is aluminum (most of others are plastic) and can be taken off the grip and used to mount your GoPro on a regular photo tripod etc…or use the whole grip – the bottom has a threaded insert.

Also – the grip floats so you don’t need a backdoor floaty on you GoPro housing. This especially comes handy with GoPro Hero 4 Silver, that has a LCD display on the back… or of course if you bought an extra back display.

Here is the proof, it floats :) I had some fun with it at a late summer SUP trip to one of the islands over here…

The grip is about 6.5 inches from top to bottom and gives you that extra distance that improves your shots, makes them steadier and keeps your hands out of the picture. Even though it floats, it is not a strictly watersport grip (actually I still haven’t figured it out where people put grips like this when paddling for a wave if they use it for surfing). You can use it everywhere you want: snowboarding, skateboarding, longboarding, skiing, running, concerts, camping, traveling…or in the water when scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, jumping etc… the adjustable strap will make sure it doesn’t fly out of your hand.

So, if you want a quality GoPro grip that floats, I give the HoStevie both thumbs up. You can get it through HoStevie website or on Amazon.

Here is a short video that I have shot using this grip:

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