Review: Ho Stevie Surf Fins

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First, let me say I have no idea how fins work. Even more, the only noticeable difference for me when it comes to fins is when I change the setup from thruster to quad and vice versa or when I break one off during surf. I have some surf friends that can feel the honeycomb in the fins and they change the fins according to the waves when we arrive at the beach. I think they are faking it:). So don’t expect an in depth analysis on the foil, rake, size…of fins (I googled the terms:)). I did however notice that simple FCS fins can cost 120€ or more, which is kind of ridiculous. So I was really happy to get a set of Ho Stevie surf fins for testing. They are made in the same way as the top fin models of big-name brand fins – meaning they are not plastic and yes, they do have the honeycomb core! And they are much cheaper that the big name brands so you can get your hands on high quality top of the line surf fins for almost half the price!

Now when buying surf fins I always go for allround fins (playing it safe since I don’t know what I’m doings) and Ho Stevie surf fins also have an alround shape that is suitable for most of conditions. They are also lightweight and as I have learned the Honeycomb HexCore provides the perfect amount of flex… giving you ultimate maneuverability, speed, and acceleration. If your fins are too stiff, your surfing will feel stiff and difficult to maneuver. If on the other hands there is too much flex in your fins, you won’t have any drive or hold in the wave.

Fins look very well made, I have been using them for almost a year now on my regular small wave board and they still look as good as new, I can not say a bad thing about them. So if you want quality fins at an affordable price check them out at Ho Stevie!

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