Review: Ho Stevie Surf Poncho

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After the cool GoPro mouth mount there is another thing you can get from the Ho Stevie company – surf poncho. This is not as revolutionary as the mount but there are a few little twist that might persuade you to get this poncho instead of another one.

First it’s the extra length. This poncho will fit even the tallest people, poncho goes past your knees (check the photo) and whatever you are doing under it, wetsuit changing gymnastics or anything else it got you covered.

The second thing is the material. Material is microfiber which generally I am not that enthusiastic about. People buy those small microfiber towels and they are all like “Oooohhh…it’s so small and so practical and it dries so faaaast.” And I’m like “Hell yeah it dries fast, it doesn’t suck in any water from my body, I might as well be drying myself with a plastic sack!?” Anyway :)… this surf poncho is microfiber but soft thick plush microfiber, it looks woven the same way as a regular towel. So you kind of get the best from both worlds. The poncho is softer and it takes up less space than a regular poncho would, it dries quickly, but at the same time it actually makes you dry. And it’s low lint so you wont be full of tiny fiber pieces after you dry yourself.

If you like it, you can get it here:


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