Surfboard Leash From Ho Stevie

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I have been using the Ho Stevie’s surf leash for a good half of year on my Rip Curl Fat Fat board that is my go to stick for chasing windswells around Mediterranean sea. The leash feels comfortable around my ankle thanks to  1.5” ankle cuff made out of high density neoprene and after 6 months the leash still looks as good as new. Due to surf conditions around here and the board it is on I did not use it in huge and heavy waves, but the Fat Fat on the other hand gives quite a pull when you wipeout. Leash has always felt safe and secure and also never tangled, so I had no problems whatsoever with it so far and I would recommend this leash to anyone.

List of features:

  • 7mm (1/4”) thick, and extremely lightweight.
  • Triple wrap rail saver prevents the leash from damaging the tail of your surfboard.
  • Double stainless steel swivels keep the leash from winding up into a tangled mess.
  • Comfortable ankle cuff with key pocket.
  • String loop for your surfboard plug is included.


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