BrandNew contest winter 2007

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What the hell is BrandNew contest? It is a recegnition for beeing inovative. It is a contest and an award organised by ISPO that goes to the companies or individuals that came up with fresh, hot and new products. In fact, the criteria for a product to participate in the ispo BrandNew Awards are: – founded or introduced to the market after 1st Jan 2003 – your product or brand is hot and new – your product or brand has never been registered to exhibit at ispo before. Who are this years winners?

BrandNew contest winners

BrandNew contest has several different categories, this winter BrandNew contest 2007 winners for each category are:

  • Overall Winner: JN – Speedrider from Italy
  • Hardware Summer: Streetstepper from Austria
  • Style: bombdesign from Germany
  • Sportswear: Westcomb from Canada
  • Hardware Winter: Trampboard from USA
  • Accessories: Blatand from Germany
  • Hardware Accessories: Headzone from Australia

JN – Speedrider

The Italian company Jochum & Nesler is the Advansa Overall Winner. Using their newly developed “Speedriders”, a mixture of paraglider and parachute designed for high speeds, skiers and snowboarders can simply fly over rough terrain in the future. Thanks to the excellently designed brake and steering system, you can end your temporary flight maneuver at any time and return to the slopes. The new flight device promises pure adrenaline and convinced the jury not least due to its special stability and quality properties.


The jury concluded that the company Graditech from Austria submitted the most convincing product in the category Nilit Hardware Summer. The “Streetstepper” they submitted is transport means, fun gear and fitness trainer all-in-one and enables perfect integration of sport into everyday life. Built like a city bike, the certainly most effect training equipment from fitness studios can now be used in fresh air. Regardless of whether you are on the way to a café, supermarket or work, even mundane walks become a fitness experience with the Streetstepper. The movements easy on your joints make it possible to build up those muscle groups, which are often cited as problem zone no. 1.


The jury award the Creora Style Award to the founders of the Berlin designer label bombdesign, whose creative bag collection makes the hearts especially of women beat faster. Because bags, in addition to shoes and clothes, are among the most sought-after “pieces of booty” of women, and present problems of space with increasing quantity, bombdesign invented a special fold-out mechanism, with which individual bags can be stored quickly and practically. In addition, the bags, which only get their right shape with a zipper, are double-face and available in various colors and varieties.


The YKK® Sportswear Award goes to Westcomb this winter. “I Rebel Hoody” is the name of their jacket, which not only spares sports-enthusiastic iPod fans bothersome cable clutter, but also simplifies handling the electronic companion thanks to an operation panel integrated into the sleeve. In addition to its functions, the breathable and waterproof jacket from Canada convinced the jury with its attractive design.


The DuPont Hardware Winter Award goes to the US company Guru. Its “Trampboard”, developed specifically for learning new snowboard tricks and jumps, replaces conventional trampolines used previously in the snowboard scene for this purpose, which could not provide appropriate protection for boards and people despite lined steel caps. This training gear, which the jury believes is long overdue, is made of durable and flexible plastic. Equipped with a regular snowboard binding, the Trampboard also gives jump-happy boarders the required snowboard feeling, which is imperative for learning realistic movement sequences.


The winner of Freudenberg Accessoires Awards is the Blatand Company from Germany. Their “Body Network” is an interesting alternative to private fitness trainers, especially from a cost viewpoint. The fitness computer data can simply be uploaded to a cellphone per Bluetooth. Users get personal analyses and exercise plans starting from five euros per month via online registration.


The Airboard Hardware Accessories Award goes to Headzone this winter. The Australian newcomer company is presenting its “Headgear”  – a multifunctional training helmet with built-in CB radio system that simplifies learning sports considerably, in which there are naturally larger distances between trainers and learners. While windsurfers, kiters, skiers and snowboarders were only able to learn about and implement the tips and tricks of their coaches afterward in the past, the waterproof communication system now makes immediate error correction and effective structuring of training sessions possible. In addition, lengthy learning phases in difficult sports can be shortened substantially. The jury believes that the combination of functional teaching gear and additional safety represents an invention long overdue with a great deal of potential.

We will take a closer look at each one of them in the following articles.

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