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We do not usually wear girls clothing… actually we never do :) But Nikita is one piece of cotton worth mentioning since…well, the clothes look really cool and we keep picturing how some girl we know would look in them. The other reason for this post is – Nikita Clothing just launched their winter collection for girls who ride.

Nikita Huh?

Besides the fact that Nikita is a cult movie about one tough chick it is also a clothing label owned and started by Heida Birgisdottir. She was an owner of a snow/skate/street clothing shop and when she could not really find clothes she would want to hang on her stands she started designing. This was seven years ago.

Heida Birgisdottir from Nikita ClothingHeida Birgisdottir Huh?

Heida Birgisdottir comes from Iceland. You could have guessed that from her last name.. or maybe not.¬† Anyway, we can understand snowboarding clothes but what is a surf clothing company doing in Iceland? Heida: “Surfing in Iceland? Yes of course. There are good waves here. Iceland is Hawaii of the north. It is a lava rock in the middle of the ocean, but the surfing community is not big here, around 20 people total. But these 20 really know how to have fun.” This part is taken from the wahinesurfing interview¬†with her, so you can go and read the whole thing or just visit Nikita Clothing and see what they cam up with for the 07/08 winter – Nikita.

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