Stand-up Paddle Surfing

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Standup Paddle Surfing Hits The Streets

We still can’t quite get used to the idea of stand-up paddle surfing being IN, but unfortunately :) it is not in our power to decide. At least we all agree that it is a hell of a body workout. Well, quite some time ago, the Hawaiian Beach Boys introduced stand-up paddling (SUP) on their wooden boards. And they paddled the seas. Now if you are a really hardcore stand up paddle surfer, you might want to check out the “paddle” from Kahuna Creations.

Now you have the chance not only to paddle you board over the seas but also to paddle your long skate over the pavement. All you need is a Kahuna Creations long board paddle.

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“The Kahuna Big Stick is very similar to stand up paddling in the ocean,” says Shane McCoy, Manager at La Jolla Kayak in San Diego. “It gives a great core body workout, and the ride is smooth. It is great because anybody can easily get on a board and paddle anytime.”

If you buy Kahuna Big Stick™ you get a solid-wood barrel shaped grip with a gentle, tapered oval shaft shape to give a great feel in a paddle weighing only 16 ounces. The tip of the paddle is padded with dual high-performance rubber contacts to allow for high grip, durability and feel as you paddle on the pavement. The tip design provides a slight spring as you transition through the stroke. Vibration dampening is designed to keep the ride smooth.

Stand-up paddling in the streets

If it is still not clear to you how the stick works, check out the video:

Stand Up Paddle Sufing Video

Want one? Go to Kahunacreations.

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