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This part of website is dedicated to wakeboarding. Here you will find basic guides that cover all the important stuff a beginner need to know about wakeboarding – like how to choose the equipment, how to make the first steps on your new wakeboard etc. If you would like to help us fill this part of site with more wakeboarding related tips, info, news, reviews… contact us.


There were big plans for windsurfing section of this site. But where I come from windsurfers and surfers kind of don’t really like each other. Which is weird because everywhere else these two sports have almost nothing in common – meaning surfers and windsurfers almost never meet. They travel to different places, surf different spots and search for different weather and conditions. But over here with crappy surf conditions things are a little bit mixed up….ah…well the point is I’ve never really taken on windsurfing and there was this other guy who was supposed to write a few things here but after lots of broken promises I just stopped asking. So if you are willing to write a few things about windsurfing, know your sail sizes, wind speeds, freestyle tricks and wind surfboards measurements – contact us. Until then check these few poor articles here:


This is just a collection of post, articles, reviews and other stuff that doesn’t belong anywhere else. So sports that don’t have enough content to have their own menu item are all listed here. It is also where all the technical gadgets that can not be directly connected to a certain sport are reviewed and presented. For instance a photo camera can be used in all the mentioned sports on this page, especially if it’s waterproof. And things like that.

So check and enjoy the articles below.