Curing The Post Surfing Trip Depression

That's me and Kelly Slater. He is a static, thin and made out of paper. Did fool a few people though:).
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Good morning Italy. After my Sumatra and Indo trip I got quite a strong case of post surf depression. You body kicks into surfing mode, your brain does the same. And when you return home you don’t fit in. You don’t fit into the regular life. All you can think of is surfing. What can you do? Jump on every possible ripple in the neighborhood. It has been a while since I’ve surfed north winds in Italy and this was the perfect time to do it.

The first day we got lucky. Small waves but no wind and lots of sun.

With hot weather and water somewhere in the 68F (20C) a few even went for boardshorts and cotton t-shirt combo.

Small waves longboard style.

Afternoon nap on the beach turned into I-cant-believe-the-spot-is-still-working. Smaller and smaller conditions did not stop a few longboarders from having fun. Sunny and glassy – not a common sight in the Adriatic.

Try and not notice the ass:)

I’ve put my board down into the grass and this slow and lazy snail did not need more thanĀ 5 minutes to try and catch a free ride into the surf. Not sure of his underwater breathing capabilities I threw him back into the grass.


After the first session I drove my buddy Luggy to the Ravena train station. He had a concert to catch in Bologna. Lots of drinking and Irish punk I’ve heard.

Home was cold and rainy. So this is an extra “its so hot I can be barefoot in the sand” shot to get some extra envy point from the “I don’t feel like driving 4 hours to surf crappy waves” whiny crew back home.

Surf art on my board.

Second Italy trip began with a not that uncommon sight… Instagram attack.

Gone were the sun and clear skies, hello wind and gloomy weather. This is another spot in the area called Diga Sud. But the wind was not right…

So we ended back in Lamone. Yeah, that’s more like it. Dark, windy and muddy.

It wasn’t epic. But a 4 hour morning session and a 3 hour afternoon session all packed into one day will for sure cure a case of post surf trip depression for a while. That my friend resting after the first session.

Instead of a power nap we opted for some coffee to keep us awake. This is how they serve latte machiatto in Italy. You get milk and coffee in separate glasses and you mix them yourself.

Proving that this is a real surf spot are the people you meet here. That’s me and Kelly Slater. He is static, thin and made out of paper. Did fool a few people though:).

This is one sole crappy wave that I managed to capture during the first and second session. You can barely notice the difference between Lamone and Indo. Haha…ok, but the stoke is the same and beachbreak does give you occasional wall and lip to smack.

Good night Italy, see you soon.

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