Photo Tuesday: A Floating Snowboard

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Go go gadget snowboard: Once you are above 1500m and if you concentrate really hard, you can make your snowboard levitate.

Em… this photo of a floating snowboard turned out really cool. I was just looking for some leftover powder with my friend on our local hill (which we by the way found plenty) when we came across this small ridge. The sun was just above the ridge and you could stand right in front of it. It looked picture perfect so who are we to say no and not take a few photos.

After a few shots (which also turned out great and are one of my favorites) Matko suggested that I should throw my snowboard into the air and he will try to capture the moment. Using my laggy phone camera. The wind was blowing quite hard over the ridge and I was afraid it would push the board straight into him. He said not to worry and well…you can guess what happened :). Hope his sore knee will get better soon.

Photographer: Matevž
Camera: Samsung Galaxy S :)

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