Photo Tuesday: Snow Like Whipped Cream

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Snowy landscape doing its best whipped cream impression.

This year we have been blessed with great snow conditions and quite a few consecutive powder dumps. But one day in particular was burned into our memory banks since it was one of the best powder days ever. Crowds staid at home to shovel snow from their backyards or were skeptic looking at the gloomy cloudy skies. But from first light till early afternoon it was bluebird skies above 1000m and the best damn balls deep dry powder ever. Around 2pm the fog and clouds started rolling in and this surreal landscape appeared left from the chairlift. The terrain is to flat to ride so it stayed untouched, wind also helped to sculpture it and…well, it looks almost as someone put whipped cream all over the mountain.

Where: Vogel Mnt, , February 2013
Photographer: K
Camera: Samsung Galaxy S

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