Video Week 1: Best GoPro Edit Ever

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“A new GoPro edit is uploaded to the internet every 3.57 seconds, but trust us when we tell you, this is not just another GoPro edit. Featuring the skiing of: Mark Abma, Kaj Zackrisson, Cody Townsend, Chris Rubens, Alexi Godbout, Mike Douglas, Tommy Ellingson, AJ Kemppainen, Vincent Gagnier, and more. Music: ‘Forgotten’ by Mattafix”

This is what Salomon FreeSki had to say about their latest episode. I always say that serious edits should not consist only from GoPro shots. Hell…the share of GoPro POV shots should be like 10%. Well, this clip changed my mind. Composed from only GoPro POV footage this episode is soooo sick. Enjoy.


Taj wrote a book. It was called Taj Burrow Book Of Hot Surfing. It probably wasn’t written by Taj first hand but it had lots of his personal input, travel and life stories and one of the things I won’t forget is Taj saying: “I don’t believe in stretching” :). A few years later I came across an article in which Taj explains how he is doing yoga and how it helps his surfing. And now this. Taj trains for surfing!? My dreams are shattered… :)


Then there is this clip, Parko’s road to World Title. I’m not this clip going to be taken down from that site in a few days? Well check it out while it’s still there.


And finally – Mick Fanning took some time of during last years competition season and this is what came out of his trips.


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