Video Week 10: Duck Dive Like John John, Spin Like Kelly

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It’s been a while and it’s time to come up to date with the latest “you have to see this” social like and comment collectors. First a light bulb moment. So this is how JJF duckdives Pipeline monsters? A bit spastic but we’ll have to try this next time we hit the water, which will hopefully be soon and then report on why we could not mimic that. The technique basically involves swimming the whole length of the pool underwater using only your legs while holding on to a surfboard.

Then there is this guy that just keeps shutting up those annoying ASP commentators that try to fill the boring part of the heats (which is like 99%) with babble about generation change, changing of the guards etc… It’s the best guy that wins and it has nothing to do with age, race, religion, nationality, or color of his shorts. The only change of the guards would happen if for some reason all the ASP surfers above 30 would decide and retire on 27th of October 2014. Then this day would be known as the day when the generations changed. The guy who outsurfed a few generations of Indies traders full of young guns into retirement just pulled a 540. Here is Kelly Slater spinning:

And finally, when the curtain fell over the Supertubos event, where Medina threw his second or third high ball and Slater failed to smash it there was some time for some tubes at some place in Portugal called the cave. Here is why it’s called like that:


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