Video Week 5: Angola, Mushrooms, Teahupoo and A Different SK8 Movie

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Whoa, it’s been a while since the last video week. This is the cream the floated on top after countless videos watched over the summer, this is what got stuck in our brain. First there is this video….(pause)…well, it’s the most ‘stuck in the brain’ video you can think off…it’s an insane mix discovering Indonesia, naked surfing, mushrooms and crazy editing. It’s called Shroom-tastic Surfing and you will either love it or hate it. It’s only got a bit under 10.000 views on YouTube at the time of posting this and I really think it deserves more. Surfing and life shouldn’t be taken to seriously. This is the official description:

“Speaking of freedom… one morning W.H.O was walking in the coconut forest next to his beach bungalow, and found a little mushroom, which was supposed to be ‘magic’, then some local people appeared and brought him more and showed him where they grew. They were laughing… a lot. So he surfed big barrels, naked, and took a video of it.”

Let me know what you think.

Surfing In Angola And A Wave That Is 3 km Long

This video just blew up recently. Even my non surfing friends sent me “Have you seen this?!” messages over various social networks. So..two guys go to Angola and they find a wave of their lives. And since they are pros and have surfed quite a few different waves the ‘best wave in the world’ statement might have some weight. The wave is a machine perfect left that does break for a leg burning 3 kilometers with 7 or 8 different barrel sections. And it’s sand bottomed and pretty user friendly. The downside is that Angola and the wave itself are a really hard place to visit and the exact location of the wave is not revealed. Is it worth the search, learning Bantu and Portuguese and throwing yourself into the Angola wilderness? Decide for yourself:

More: The world’s newest and best wave discovered in Angola (

Inside The Monster

There is only one “The Monster” when it comes to surfing and it’s name is Teahupoo. There are countless Teahupoo videos out there but this recent documentary is fresh and different and worth watching:

Bridges And Dragons

This one is from my hometown. It’s an unusual skate video that doesn’t focus so much on the tricks as it does on the shots themselves. I don’t post skate videos but this one, besides being from my hometown blew up on Vimeo so check it out:

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