Video Week 7: Sorry, Just Surfing

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Even though we are buried deep in winter under thick, even record layers of snow, this video week is all about surfing. First clip comes from Vincent Duvignac – Duvi. Twice National and European Champion that can not be stopped even by an “on the head falling lip to slipped disc to hospital bed ride” (around 0:56 if I remember correctly). This clip is Duvis motivator for 2014 and one of the most pumped up surf clips I’ve seen recently. After watching this Vincent  won’t be the only one who is motivated to go surfing. Guaranteed!:)

Kelly Slater Pipe Masters Go Pro Footage And Happy Birthday

Kelly Slater just turned 42. He also just won Volcom Pipe Pro 2014 and Billabong Pipe Masters 2013. Which kind of makes him an indisputed reigning King of Pipeline. Not bad, huh:)? Here is some recently published footage from his Go Pro cam during the Pipe Masters. BTW, for more stuff on KS go here.

Maverick Invitational Front Row Seat

More intense Go Pro footage. This clip comes from the small gray box mounted on the nose of Shane Dorians rhino chaser during the Body Glove Maverick Invitational. Shane Dorian places second behind Grant Baker.

Jaws From Above

The quadcopter heli shots of Pipeline were one of the most viewed surfing videos of the past few months. The clip featured in our last video week even broke the surfing world barrier as few of my non surfing friends sent it to me “You have to see this…!”. So here is another one, this time from Jaws, Hawaii.

Tetrapods, Morocco

Morocco is a popular winter getaway for surfers from Europe but the spot in this surfers journals video is not one that many visiting surfers would like to surf. A sick right breaking into and past the tetrapod pier is a mix of backwash explosions and tubes.

Surfing in Sochi, Russia

Sochi. The spotlight of the world is on this Russian town on the coast of Black sea, after all, they are hosting the 2014 Winter Olympic games. But this is not what this video is about. It’s about something that didn’t cost 50 billions, actually it’s free. Yes, there is surf on the Black sea and yes you can surf in Sochi. There is even a small surf community and a surf club and this is video proof of that.

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