Video Week 8: Surfing Is Fun

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Fun. Surfing is fun. There is even a surfing competition going on constantly over this subject. It is called:”The best surfers is the one having the most fun!” Now the Salty Beards┬ávideo in my eyes does not radiate fun… something to do with the music, my ears don’t send the “fun” message to my brains:). But the surfing is top notch,┬áNick Rozsa rips. Check it out.

Hoods, Booties, Gloves & POV Barrels

I love it how this movie starts. Rain and howling winds. Hoods, gloves…it reminds me of home. At least until we get to the POV barrels stuff. Then the similarity ends. Unfortunately.

Sebastian “Seabass” Zietz likes Coffee?

Seabass looks like the guy who has the most fun on ASP world tour. Will that put the title in his hands or will he be left with just a cup of coffee?

Mully & Tom Buttler

Stepping away from the cozy and fun. Here is Mully and some bombs from the 13/14 winter including the Hercules swell.

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