Greg Long Wins Mavericks

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This years Mavericks competition is over and the winner is  Greg Long. Congratulations.

The Final Results
Greg Long  (1)
Grant “Twiggy” Baker (2)
Jamie Sterling  (3)
Tyler Smith  (4)
Grant Washburn (5)
Evan Slater  (6)

All the six finalists decided to split the 30.000$ award no matter who wins.

Greg Long: “That is what dreams are made of.”

mav-logo.jpgIt was a picture perfect day for the contest and more fans than ever turned out. It was the first Mavericks contest ever held on the weekend. There were no immediate reports of injuries to spectators or problems of any kind other than heavy traffic in the vicinity of Princeton.

Mavericks Surf Ventures co-founder Keir Beadling said early in the afternoon that a quarter-of-a-million fans had logged into a MySpace page to watch streaming coverage of the event. Another thous and were reported at AT&T Park, where the action was broadcast live.

Greg Long At Mavericks
Greg Long

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