Lightning Strikes

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Lightning Strikes – Mick Fanning Movie

After Mick winning the world title we could expect lots of Mick Fanning stuff falling from every possible direction. After Mick Fanning Champ sandal from Reef it is now time for the movie that documents Mick’s title chase in the 2007. Movie is called Lightning Strikes and it gives us an in-depth look at Mick Fanning’s climb to the World’s top.

Movie was stitched together by Matty Gye (remember 3 Degrees?) and includes all the 10 stops of the 2007 ASP World Tour, some epic clips of Fanning as a grom, interviews from the World’s best, as well as some freesurfing of himself, Dingo Morrison, and Joel Parkinson. If you want to see it, visit

Lightning Strikes
Lightning Strikes



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