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No, it not some kind of new sport for angry women. No, it is not another girl line from a big multinational and no, it is not designed by men. This is the usual stuff we get these days. What we do not get is a snowboard brand that only makes snowboards for girls, that are designed by a girl and that are called BitchBoards.

Why BitcBoards?

Whats up with the funny name? Besides the raising eyebrows effect the BitchBoards explanation is this: Snowboarding is a predominately male dominated sport that tends to ignore the female demand for fashionable designer products. Alex Masterson who is behind the BitchBoards says they are satisfying the so-called ‘Bitch Niche’. According to Masterson, “Women want fashion on the slopes as well as performance. We design for women and only women.”

BitchBoards Alex Masterson

 OK, let me see the boards already!


BitchBoard models from left to right:  Aire, En Vogue, Mode, Couture, La Fumee and Glamour.

By taking an artistic approach to the design, a BitchBoards snowboard is not just a board, but also a work of art. The use of modern and abstract photography, such as green smoke swirling in the air or smeared paint on a white palette, for the graphics immediately separates BitchBoards from the competition. This level of photography and aesthetic brings a collector’s value to the board.

One customer had decided to purchase a second BitchBoards snowboard to be used solely as wall décor for her bedroom (I am still not decided if this is a good thing :) ).

How Bitches perform in snow?

BitchBoard look nice and fresh and will sure turn some heads. Is that enough for girls, I mean what about those girls that use BitchBoards snowboards for riding? Well the answer is that each board is made in SoCal and is constructed with the highest quality materials. Fully-equipped with all stuff that the most exclusive men’s snowboards have like carbon fiber, full aspen wood core and rubber sidewalls. Keeping in mind that the boards will be ridden by girls (height, weight and lower center of gravity). So that’s it.

Nice work Alex.


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