BlueBird Snowboard Wax

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It started somewhere sometime, long time ago, with pro skateboard models. On to pro signature snowboards, pro signature skis which kind of makes sense. On to pro signature boots and skate shoes which kind of makes sense too. On to pro signature boardshorts which is somewhere coming close to making no sense to me. And finally to pro signature snowboard wax – BlueBird Snowboard Wax! Whats important is –¬†guys are having fun.


Bluebird Wax

Guys behind BlueBird are Travis Rice, Chad Otterstrom and Marc Frank Montoya and a whole bunch of others. And its funny. From Snowboarding…. It was better when you hated us, to the smells of the wax that are somewhere between Hot chick right out of the shower and it will smell like banana when we run out of no scented ones.

100% all Natural Soy Wax

Is this for real? Snowboard wax is bad for the environment so BlueBird makes an environmentally friendly snowboard wax made of soy:

“We wanted to have something to offer to the hippies. My parents were/are hippies. I’m down with the hippies. Kurt Wastell is for sure, not a hippy. He does however endorse environmental responsibility and this wax. This wax kicks ass is colder/dryer snow. We are working on more temps and improving this one.”

The infamous soy wax looks like this:

Bluebird Soy Wax










  • bingo says:

    LOL, this wax is sick :)

  • boarder says:



  • Heather says:

    Soy wax sounds like a good idea, but when you go to scrap it off the board, it is really difficult to get off. It comes off in little shards instead of scraping off in nice rolls like regular wax. It frustrated me.

  • ugg boots says:

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