JN – Speedrider

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Speedrider? The Italian company Jochum & Nesler that produces the Speedrider is this winters Advansa Overall Winner at the BrandNew contest. What did they come up with to deserve first place, what exactly is Speedrider? One thing is for sure, it will get your adrenaline pumping.

JN – Speedrider

The newly developed Speedrider is a mixture of paraglider and parachute designed for high speed flying just over the earth surface. Using Speedrider skiers and snowboarders can simply fly over rough terrain. After watching the promo video, the first thing that pops to mind is “How on Earth do you stop this thing?!?”

Speedrider in action

Jochum & Nesler, the company behind Speedrider came up with an excellently designed brake and steering system, you can end your temporary flight maneuver at any time and return to the slopes. The new flight device promises pure adrenaline and all this convinced the jury of the BrandNew awards.

JN – Jochum & Nesler

Jochum & Nesler is an Italy based company. The name stands for Bernd Jochum and Michael Nelser. They are the team behind the JN – Speedrider. Bernd Jochum has been successfully combining Management and Sport to winning concepts for years. Now, he is finally doing it for its own brand.  Michael Nelser (Designer) built the majority of JN world champ kites. With the Debut-Kite of JN, the Wild Thing, he is touching new ground. Successfully.  Then there are Alex Schwab, who is Product Manager and Snow-Kite world champion in the 2003 race and is counted among the top 3 Freestylers and Christa Flora, who is Creative Director and is responsible for positioning the JN Kites on the market.

Speedrider – Speedriding

Speedriding is the new racy combination of skiing and flying. The SPEEDRIDER is a combination of parachute and paraglider. Designed for high speed with extreme stability and a wide flying speed range. Featured with a special, very stable airfoil, high tenacity materials and a – for this use – optimized design.

Speedriding is: flying along the slope at high speed, a few meters or centimetres away from the ground.

With speedrider you can ski and make big, middle or small curves, you can ski off piste, over unskiable parts of the slope – you simply take off and fly over. At the next good part of the slope, touch down, and again you can go ahead with your carving turns. It is ideal when there is not enough wind for kiting.

Speedrider Features

Speedrider Features:

  • independent designed profile
  • optimized outline
  • closed cells on the outer wing for precise handling
  • proved materials
  • with the brake the rider can adjust the flying speed. He can adapt the glide path to the steepness of the hill. On demand the SPEEDRIDER rides or flies.
  • SPEEDRIDER is easy to take off and easy to land. The brake range is so wide that a non desired full stall is nearly impossible.
  • the specially harness is very light and comfortable that you can use it also for long flights with a paraglider.
  • DHV load test up to 8g.

SPEEDRIDER is designed for speedriding on snow, it works well with snowboard and with ski. But you do not need to wait for snow, you can use the SPEEDRIDER anywhere. Take a look:

Speedrider, no snow

Source: JN


  • admin says:

    I thinks there is a reason there is no footage of the “excellently designed brake and steering system” ;D ;D any survivors?

  • Shred Betty says:

    How fun is that? There are tons of YouTube videos of skiing speedriders, but I want to see how it handles when you’re riding downhill sideways as we snowboarders do, compared to forward-facing as you two-plankers do. ;) Seems like it would be an extra steep learning curve for us, no? If you have any vids of snowboarders, please post them! I would love to try out this death machine. Looks like a blast!

  • bingo says:

    Hey Betty, I got some snowboard & speedrider videos directly from the Speedrider maker, I’ll be posting them soon. I guess the first thing to do is learn how to handle a kite, throwing yourself over cliffs with skis or snowboard is the easy part :D

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