O’Neill Video Backpack

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O’Neill Video Backpack solves just about the worst thing about making your own snowboard movies. Its a nice sunny day just after the heavy snow dump. Bird blue skies. Just cold enough for the snow to be fluffy, to make clouds with every turn, to drop anything because you know its going to be soft. Hey, why don’t you stay down here and film us while we hike that hill and then draw first lines on the slope. And then you can just shoot yourself or something. This is the reason there is so little footage on my infamous powder escapades (yeah, right!). No one wants to be the camera guy. Or snowboarding with your camera in hand. It just plain sucks. Taking the camera out of the backpack, taking off your gloves or using your clumsy gloves to push the tiny buttons. Try snowboarding while looking through the camera. Or try to make a decent not in the middle of earthquake footage while not looking through the camera. Or try to have fun riding powder while holding the camera in your hand and thinking – “Uf, better not get any snow on it, its borrowed.” It sucks big time. Now this is where O’Neil H.3 Series jumps in.

So what is the deal with O’Neill Video Backpack?

Lets just get all technical and copy what Snowbroader (or maybe O’Neil) guys have to say about the new backpack. The H.3 Series, O’Neill’s range of boardsport orientated wearable electronics, boasts an extended range of technologically advanced apparel. Six items of apparel constitute the H.3 Series for this season. The H.3 Series Video Backpack is leading the innovation for the season. By incorporating a safe and protective housing for a camcorder into the backpack and a separate lens fitted to a flex, the backpack allows the user to record their sessions without removing the camera from the pack. The small, hi-definition lens can be attached to goggle straps or helmets while the basic operating functions for the camera are remotely controlled by a joystick integrated in to the shoulder strap. The pack also incorporates a Bluetooth module for handsfree calling and integrated iPod® functionality. Yeah, its that simple.

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