Recharge your snow jacket

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If you do not enjoy the silence of the nature in winter (or you get annoyed by the screaming kids on your local hill) then you need to stuff your ears with some music. As I am still struggling with the fact that none of the earphones want to stay in my ears, others are way ahead and are talking mp3 player integration in your ski or snowboard jacket. I am not sure if my ears are shaped funny or my riding style is so rad that steam comes out of my head and pops the earphones out. Whatever…. Back in 2003 for Burton released the Amp jacket with some hand shaking and back patting between Burton and Apple, Amp jacket had an integrated iPod. Some time has passed and now their thing is eehm..

Audex Motorola Bluetooth® system

which is – Compatible with any brand of Bluetooth®-enabled mobile phone, new Bluetooth stereo capability allows you to stream music wirelessly from your Bluetooth stereo phone or music device, its is compatible with G3 or newer iPod with docking station , it has backlit LCD display with one-touch voice dial, make a call, end a call, mute, and caller ID, it has iPod control Including play/pause/stop, track forward/back, volume up/down removable control panel, speakers and mic and a rechargeable battery. A mouthful. Whooa. If that is not enough, check the whole electronics department of the Burton softgoods. And Burton is by far not the only one to put that kind of thingies into their clothing.

Belkin SportCommand for iPod

But if you do not want to put all your eggs in one basket, then you should take a look at the Belkin SportCommand for iPod from yes, Belkin. SportCommand for iPod is equped with an elastic strap on belt so you can put it anywhere you want, preferably on your anrm over your snowboard jacket. SportCommand lets you wirelessly control your music while your iPod stays protected in your backpack, jacket, or backside pocket in your pants. OK, the last one is a no-no :). You can “listen to all your jams” while you snowboard or bike. Its weather-resistant and you can get yours for 80 bucks.

Now if I could just find some earphones…

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