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Roxy is a clothing brand for girls from Quicksilver that we guess everybody knows (duh!). But the fact that you can also get and ride a Roxy Snowboard came to us as a bit of a surprise. So we decided to take a look at the Roxy Snowboards range. We are not quite sure why, but they are quite hard to get and even harder to find some info on them.

What You Might Want To Know About Roxy Snowboards But Could Not Find It On The Internet

Whoa, what a title. Here are some interesting facts that will help you decide if you want to get a Roxy Snowboard or not.

Who Makes Them? Roxy snowboards are made in the USA by a company called Mervin Manufacturing. If Mervin Manufacturing doesn’t ring a bell then the following sure will – Lib Tech, GNU and Bent Metal are all snowboard brands made by Mervin Manufacturing.

Which means that Roxy Snowboards are probably not just a simple gimmick to cash in on the popular Roxy brand but are actually made by people that do know a thing or two about snowboards and snowboarding. One point for Roxy Snowboards. Why does Mervin make snowboards for Roxy? Duh, they were purchased by Quiksilver in the late 1990s.

The second point for Roxy Snowboards would be that as far as we know they are the snowboards brand only for women. So things like narrower waist widths for smaller foot sizes, more flex etc… should come naturally to them.

Roxy Snowboards offers a few different snowboard models like Roxy Sangria Snowboard, Roxy Silhouette Snowboard and Roxy Sugar Snowboard. They all (especially Silhouette) come in different sizes and designs. Lets take a look :-)

Roxy Snowboards Models

Roxy Sangria SnowboardRoxy Sangria is the snowboard for first time snowboarders. Soft and forgiving with narrow waist width and tons of sidecut so its easy to turn. A really easy snowboard to learn on and also easy on your wallet.





Roxy SnowboardsRoxy Silhouette Mermaid is a freestyle park weapon. Kickers, pipe or slopes are on the menu here.






Roxy Water SnowboardRoxy Silhouette also has Water, Butterfly and Red/Gold models. They are all basically the same – all terrain and park boards. You can see the water model on the left.






Roxy Sugar SnowboardAnd the last of the Roxy Snowboards models – Sugar. The name implies a sweet ride. This snowboard can handle the whole mountain. So it is a little narrower than the Silhouette to make the cruising down the slopes easier and it’s a great choice for the casual experienced rider or for beginners that do not want a beginner board.




Where Can You Buy Roxy Snowboards?

You can try here!


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