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Snowboard Binding Mounting Instructions

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43 Responses to Snowboard Binding Mounting Instructions

  1. boarder says:

    Not that I need this kind of advice, but great stuff anyway.

  2. snowbunny says:

    Hey guys, is there any difference if I am a girl :-* ?

  3. admin says:

    Hi snowbunny, don’t worry. Girls snowboards are designed and manufactured with woman body in mind so the length and width of snowboard, snowboard flex and also inserts (stance width) are already adjusted. Otherwise the principles are the same. You could have some problems if you just took a smaller guys snowboard.

  4. boarder says:

    Thanks, great info.

  5. Sis says:

    info sucks ;D ;D :) ;) ;D

  6. Sis says:

    just kidding

  7. Snowfire says:

    thanks for the info it really help and i am snowboarding finally thanks

  8. Martyplay says:

    Hello I’v been snowboarding for 23 years and have worked in the indistry for 11, i probably set up over a 1000 board and one thing that no one mentions is that your boots a wet on the hill. Taking a wet rag and passing it over the boots will help the boots sit better in the heel-cuo and will allow for a better binding mount, this is a must with flow bindings.

  9. kofgregege says:

    do NOT tighten the screws as tight as you can. you will damage the lugs, and put outward pressure on base, which could cause de-lamination. Tighten them with some power, but don force it.

  10. zac reams says:

    i got a pair of Avalanche bindings from ebay for my Vision Snowboard but they didn’t not come with mounting screws. where could i get them online. i live in Iowa so there are no snowboarding shops near by so i would have to get them shipped

  11. jj says:

    this directions are okay but if you like terrain parkes these are set all wrong but perfect for just trails0;)

  12. matt says:

    somebody help!!!!i have a forum youngblood 155w and burton mission bindings…i wear a size 13 so i set the binding to the largest it can go.but when i try to mount them on the board with a 15 -15 stance there is room in the back of the binding but the front is slightly over the edge…what do i do? and is it alright if the 15 degree mark is lined up inbetween two hole instead of right on the hole?

  13. Mikaela says:

    mine came with washer things, and i dont know how to add those to the mounting system. :P

  14. Chris says:

    My last 2 Burton boards have died due to failure between the screws & lugs. Over time the lugs (female attachment part of the board) has deteriorated to the point where the screws cannot be tightened The boards have been sent to snowboard heaven. Is there any way to prevent this? Is there a silicone or similar coating that can be applied to extend the life of the binding to board attachment?

  15. Ben says:

    I have ride bindings and im trying out all different stance setups. but the problem is that im not sure what is which. my mindings measure from 0 to 15 degrees and there are just dash marks for the other measurements. can someone tell me how much each dash marks degree is?

  16. george says:

    im using my brothers snowboard next week. hes same height, same weight and same foot size so none of thats a problem, but hes goofy and im regular so is it possible to rotate the bindings so they are good for me?

  17. pimp with a limp like a real old G says:

    ha ha ha ha i put my own bindings on. i havent snow boarded in like 3 or 4 years so i forgot how to put them on and now i remmember.

  18. Adam says:

    This may sound kinda dumb, but I’ve had the same bindings for a good 3-4 year. They are burton triads that have had to deal with a lot of punnishment. How do I know when it’s time to get new bindings.:'(

  19. Cutiepie17 says:

    My new snowboard bindings I just got came with washers along with the screws, is it okay if I don’t use the washers? It seems as though the screws are to short to screw in if I try to use the washers.

  20. mickey says:

    The slash marks are set at 3 degrees. If you wear a size 13 boot you should be on a wide board. A good shop can set you up with the mesurements and a proper fitting board from end to end. There are many differant widths.

  21. mickey says:

    Just spin them 180 degrees and you are set.

  22. mickey says:

    Washers extend the seating area of the bolt and reduce the force applied to the area. May not sem like much but it adds up exponetional.

  23. mickey says:

    When they break or fashon becomes more important. If they are set and you like them do not change.

  24. mickey says:

    Use blue loctite and let them be. The inserts and bolts ae differant metals and do not expand and contract at the same rate. Do not overtighten, snug.

  25. Josh says:

    My feet are going numb. is it my Boots or my Bindings?

  26. Binding stance and angle says:

    So I went riding for 1 week and after my second day I started to experience knee pain on my back knee on the inside.
    I have my binding set at 15 front and 0 in back. The distance between bindings is 14in, but looks like my knee to heel distance is more like 17. Question is should I adjust the angle or make the stance wider?

  27. chris says:

    when bindings are attached to board they twist on board will tighten up. they are burton-preston bindings. is there any way to fix this problem.

  28. SurfMan says:

    Skiers and snowboarders clash on a ski resort with Rudy James (Jim Varney of Ernest fame) caught right in the middle. What results is the 1996 film Snowboard Academy.

  29. dotz says:

    …hey bought the new est burton mission bindings, dey dont have a little plastic viewing window with the degrees on it though like smoe est bindings do, they only have a hole to see the measurments on the board, how do you set the binding to the exact angle i want or will i have to purchase different base plates with a viewing window

  30. billy says:

    Ok these days everybody rides park if you live in the midwest. If you don’t that usually means you suck at snowboarding. One thing I wanna say . Tight pants wide stance is the gayest thing on earth. You ride park then put them bindings wide and shred like a ganster. thanks faggets .

  31. Lisa says:

    does anyone know how you set and fix the forward lean on burton stilettos? the little switch thing just spins around, it doesn’t actually ‘set’ anything.

  32. alaska says:

    No, it’s not different for girls! Why would it be? Attaching a binding to a board is universal. The board doesn’t know the difference.[b][/b]

  33. Wynne says:

    I’ve got a pair of this seasons missions. When I screw them onto my board (omatic boron) as tight as I can, the washers underneath still seem loose. I can move them about under the screw and don’t seem to be clamped down. The bindings seem to be really solidly stuck to the board though. Is this little bit of play in the washers normal?


  34. FoxRider says:

    I was wondering how big your snowboard should be on you?

  35. Bob says:

    Thanks for the info! I thought I didn’t have enough holes!

  36. haha says:

    That’s what she said!

  37. Marko says:

    i bought a new boots forum antenna 2011 and i have old burton mission bindings ….so i went skiing and the driving is not the same as before,plus my right leg is hurting me all the time (top of my foot)! help!!! what to do about the pain,and is it possible the bindings not to match with my boots and thats why my driving is difrent?
    thank you for your time
    p.s sorry for my english ;)

  38. Spicy says:

    ok i JUST got the GNU Park Pickle 2010, and it has better heel turns, because they shortened something, i forget, anyways i ride regular, but it looks like it only allows goofy, i would make the change, but i would like to ride regularm anything i can do?

  39. Shred says:

    Great guide. I used to get bad cramp in my rear thigh so I could never make it down whole runs without stops.

    After that I followed a similar guide to this – put some forward lean on, narrowed stance by 1 notch and made the highbacks parallel with the heel edge of the board. Since then I can go for hours without leg pain. Just a degree here or there can make a huge difference. If your angles are out you tend to overcompensate by leaning. In my case I was leaning on my back leg because my board didn’t feel stable riding flat.

    Everyone with their first setup should follow this gude and have fun finding the perfect angles rather than thinking they know it all (like I did) and suffering with the pain.

  40. Austin says:

    Ok I’ve been having problems with my front binding. I’m goofy footed and I’m sick of it. The mounting disc stays put but the binding itself will rotate. I don’t know what to do. I have no problem with the back binding. Just the front. HELP!!!!

  41. K says:

    Tighten the screws…if that doesnt work check if the teeth between the disc and the binding aren’t worn out?

  42. caden says:

    what is the name of the burton 3×3

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