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Published on December 24th, 2012 | by K


Snowboard History: From Snurfer To First Snowboard Magazine

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29 Responses to Snowboard History: From Snurfer To First Snowboard Magazine

  1. snowman says:

    I still have an old neon colored Sims in my garage ;D

  2. bingo says:

    Respect to the guys that started the whole thing…

  3. Paco Flores says:

    Hey i saw these two guys riding these clear snowboards, that had channels through them like dive fins and were really flexible. They told me they were these really excellent powder boards. I didnt think much about it at the time, but now I am really curious. i am trying to find somoen who knows about them.

  4. boarder says:

    You think like a swallow tail snowboard or what?

  5. dfink says:

    Yeah, some real history. I used to work at Flite
    in Newport….and yes, we did build many great
    boards before Burton…and remember Burton married
    into Boston Celtics MONEY!!!…that is why his
    company went from small…to worldwide in a few years!

    • Ross Quintana says:

      I am looking for info and or pics of the Doris. I was sponsored in WA as a rider and you guys made me a custom board with two flowers winding in opposite directions that I designed on a Doris. Not sure if you remember. Contact me.

  6. 3G says:

    Hey dfink, do you have any pictures of the boards, factory etc… they would be interesting to post!

  7. cody lauder says:

    i just landed the double back flip it was awesome im trying to get the 360 qaurter tern backflip but i broke my neck doing it but who cares it felt awesome

  8. bags says:

    You’re welcome :P

  9. walwus says:

    snowboarding is here to stay so all you old skiers who dont like it can fuck off

  10. Kilian says:

    i needed this page for a tech project. so who-ever made this page, thanks dougy doug

  11. fatty mc fatster says:

    all this history stuff just blows my brain out of my noggan. but alls i know is that snowboarding is the best thing ever invented, and i appreciate the work all those guys put into it.

  12. k-reg says:

    The clear snowboards are Makboards.
    They have a website.
    They are awsome they make them in my hometown.

  13. Johnn says:

    Thanks for making this page. i needed it for a biology project on evolution. it sounds gaybut yeah my teacher is a bitch

  14. Sabrena Murray says:

    i love to snow board and skiiers can kiss my ass!:o

  15. joep Truijen says:

    yeah thex to this site i can do my exams peace for it!!

  16. blah says:

    they dont have that much control, when you push into them, they flex out. and are horrible on hard pack, they sold one to our midwest resort shop, acting like it would be great. it was crap

  17. pomcq says:

    haha, i have a house in newport, i just got a solomen sanchex 152. im a kid, but i should be riding 53 or 54.

  18. damien says:

    even if you were out everyday puttin in hard time at the mountain why would you try to expose your self here????
    yep kid youra killa quadruple switch corkddd 1260s Word.

  19. Bianka says:

    even if you were out everyday puttin in hard time at the mountain why would you try to exspose your self here????;)

  20. Kait says:

    Thanks for the info, I’m giving a speech on snowboarding tomorrow and this helped a ton :)

  21. Dude says:

    LOL, hey Kate, same here im doing a speech on snowboarding and I have to do it tommorow…though I was supposed to do it earlyer this week. :P

  22. dave says:

    I also worked at flite snowboards for quite a while with Chuck and sperm and pete booth. the company was doing ok until chuck decided he needed someone with an MBA to come onboard to help run things…jim showed up and quickly ran the company into the ground…chuck had to sell out to earth and ocean who moved the whole company out to Seattle WA. where flite died a silent death.

    • Ross Quintana says:

      Hey Dave, I would love to talk sometime. I was sponsored in Washington for Flite and had a custom graphic made on a Doris. I have been searching for info on that board. It was a one of a kind and I don’t have it anymore. Let me know if you have any info.

  23. Joo says:

    I still like doing snowboard and I have 45 years old. It gives u adrenaline like no other sport can. I kind off have a personal store of snowboard. It is in SnowMass.!!!

  24. Ben says:

    “Skiing took the tricks and the attitude of snowboarding to keep the kids on skis. Without snowboarding skiing would today really be and old farts only sport”

    Not Just the Attitude of snowboarding but also the shape. In the 1990s Large ski manufacturers almost went bust, tripping over themselves and each other in a race to produce SNOWBOARD shaped skis which have now become the norm.

    Jake Burton arrived late with other peoples ideas and made a fortune. A talent for marketing for sure. The late Bill Hicks had interesting things to say about people in marketing.

    Long live Tom Sims for not having a piece of stupid rope tied to the front of his board in the 70s

    Long live Mike Olson for making it work in the 80s and continuing to push shape, construction and sense of humor to this day while the rest of the ski industry tries to keep up.

    Long live Jacques Rillet, Patrice Fivat and Nils Degremont for making the most advanced snowboard (or ski) on the planet to date.

  25. jc says:

    I have a Flite “fatty artbuckle” 155 that i bought from chuck when they were in the mills in fall river ma. Not too long after that they had to sell out as stated on here above. Pretty sad when it happened. They were awsome. My friend george worked there for a short time. The board I have was a team board that had holes drilled through it to mount the 4×4 bindings on it and has p-tex filling in the holes on the bottom. I rode it for quite a while then got a jobless from chuck to ride. Basicly the exact same board just with a jobless name on the bottom.
    Good ol days!!
    I have the flite for sale as a piece of snowboard history if anyione is interested.

  26. Dnedla says:

    If you stil have that flite for sale please contact me. Rode them back in the day, and would love to see the one you have.

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