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Published on January 8th, 2011 | by K


Snowboard Stomp Pad: Who Needs It And How To Mount It

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19 Responses to Snowboard Stomp Pad: Who Needs It And How To Mount It

  1. admin says:

    Stomp, stomp, stomp it like there is no tomorow

  2. Claudia says:

    I love the way this guy writes these articles! “Remove all the dust, oil, blood, sperm, marijuana and other stuff fromt he deck.” LOL!!! Funny stuff. (Even under “How To Buy A Snowboard” he goes off onto an Eminem rap!) :D

  3. admin says:

    Claudia, I do not know how all that stuff came on to my board, really :D

  4. admin says:

    & thanks btw, it’s nice to hear a compliment after I typed my fingers to the bones…

  5. Amy says:

    “Remove all the dust, oil, blood, sperm, marijuana and other stuff from the deck.” :D beautifully written

  6. Rubiooo says:

    thanks a ton man. i used your “magnificant” instructions to put on my stomp pad on my very first board. ;)

  7. royal123 says:

    hi i just got a world ind stomp pad and i did everything that you said exept that when i took the peel stuff on the bottom there was no stick at all. so what do i do glue it with hot glue or gorilla glue? plz tell

  8. 3G says:

    No glue on your pad, that’s weird :o I’d use gorilla glue.

  9. royal123 says:

    i still havnt gotten the answer i want can i use glue at all. thx

  10. nico785 says:

    Ya, me too. Should I use glue? :o

  11. thomas says:

    the best thing for attaching a pad is water proof epoxy. gorilla glue expands too much

  12. Ross says:

    [b][/b]yeah hi so I bought a stomp pad at a ski resort and the instrumctions say to use a blow dryer and heat it up then stick it on. Is that really necassary??

  13. 3g says:

    @Ross: yeah, it depends on the glue that is on the stomp pad, if the instructions say to heat it – do it!

  14. johny says:

    There’s also this new type of stomp pad which is GREAT for beginners called the “Strap Pad.” Basically it’s a stomp pad with an adjustable VELCRO strap to make the chairlift ride more comfortable and give you way more control getting off the lift. It’s a simple peel and stick product (no blow dryer require, haha). I think you can check it out at

  15. Jeffy says:

    Uhhhh yeah, wash the sperm and lube and whatever else is on the board off….

  16. Weedman says:

    Remember to re-apply all the sperm and marijuana and blood back onto the board after adding new shit. It’s scientifically proven to protect the board from absorbing water between the layers.

  17. cds says:

    how do i get the stomp pad off

  18. justin says:

    Lol. Just used ure instructions on first board. Had to remeber to wipe the sperm and weed off my ride! lol. Good shit

  19. K says:

    My advice to everyone asking about glue – don’t buy a non sticky pad in the first place :).

    How to get the stomp pad off your snowboard? Knife, razor, straight head screwdriver…any straight edge will do. Lift an edge, apply heat (blow drier), peel it off, clean glue residue with some toxic shit, you’re finished.

    Hm..could put this in the original article I guess..

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