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Snowflex what we will be praying for if the global warming really kicks in. Snowflex is artificial surface for snow sports that can by applied to any slope at any temperature. It was invented in 1996 and it is manufactured by Briton Engineering Developments Ltd of Holmfirth, West Yorkshire in the UK (where else :) ?). Last fall the biggest artificially covered ski slope opened in Noeux Les Mines in France. How does it look?

What is snowflex?

Snowflex surface is made of a polymer composite, comprising a monofilament fiber and impregnated carrier layer. Below this upper layer there is a shock absorption layer that gives an authentic responsive and reactive feel, that can be compared to the real thing. What is interesting is the “spray” that you get when riding Snowflex. The reason for this is an integrated misting system called BritonMist that reduces friction. The base of snowflex is a woven controlling layer which prevents earth movement. Snowflex is manufactured in tile form and can be cut and formed into anything you want. Halfpipes, quarterpipes, kickers, tables, spines, rails, moguls etc.

Who is using Snowflex?

Since the launch of Snowflex has been used on many dry slopes. Latest additions are West of Scotland Ski & Snowboard Centre in Bearsden, Glasgow and the Loisinord Ski Centre in Noeux les Mines, in the Pas de Calais region in France.

Loisinord Ski Centre in Noeux les Mines – France

Loisinord Ski Centre in Noeux les Mines lies in the Pas de Calais region in France and is at the time the biggest dry ski and snowboard slope in the world. How does it look? Check out the video below.


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