Strap-in bindings

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This one is really fresh. Strap-in snowboard bindings are kind of a cross between the ordinary strap bindings and step-in bindings, bringing together the best from the both worlds, the speed of stepping in and the versatility and support of the strap bindings. So far there are two strap-in binding models – the BLK and the WHT (black & white). These new Strap-in bindings were developed by Beyondsnow, check them out!

Strap-in snowboard bindings blackSo, what’s the difference between a Strap-in binding by Beyondsnow and a normal strap binding?

The most obvious is the look, it looks kind of like the mix of a really dangerous spider and a bear trap, but that’s just me. The main actual difference is that strap-ins are much easier to get into that normal strap bindings and after you are strapped-in the binding feels different. How different? The feeling can be compared to the feeling of a cap strap, but then all over the foot and not just the toes. The reason for this is the shape of the straps –  two (instead of one) straps are coming from both sides. This improves the comfort and is also more ergonomic. The top of the foot is less pressured than with normal binding so the blood is free to flow through the veins. As a result a cap-strap feeling is created on the ankle strap.

How do strap-in bindings work?

First the straps lie open alongside the binding. When stepping into the Beyondsnow binding, the straps are placed automatically across the boots through the pressure of the foot by way of a built-in mechanism. Finally the straps are locked manually. Strap-in snowboard bindings whiteRide! If it’s not clear you can take a look at the videos on Beyondsnow website. Strap-in™ were born on the European slopes and guys at Beyondsnow are sure they will provide the next generation of snowboard bindings.



The advantages of Strap-ins:

Natural and easy strap-in.

Relief from pressure points and

They work with any snowboard boot!

The new bindings are still being tested and will not hit the market until the next season (2007-2008). They will be available only to snowboarders from Europe and Japan, but I guess if the right distributor comes up, you will be able to get strapped-in also in the USA.


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