The Good Wood test

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The Good Wood test of the new line of snowboards for the coming winter (done by Transworld Snowboarding) is one of the most respected tests of the new snowboards. The results for the 06/07 winter are out for a good month now. There is always some controversy that sticks to any equipment test. Because a lot of times we are as passionate about our equipment as we are about our sport. Usual remarks are: “This tester likes soft board so he rated that way to soft board with a top score,” and “You cant test a board in only a few runs,” and “Conditions were changing over the day, so you cant compare a morning test on icy slope with an afternoon test” etc. This is all true, but at the end one thing is sure – a crappy snowboard will never make it to the top of the test. Only good one can. So check out this years winners if you didn’t already. Good Wood 2007 MEN and WOMEN test results. This year standout can be Elan with Artec 3.2 and Inverse on the top, the word is also that Burton did not submit its boards to the test. Anyway, whatever stick you ride, enjoy.


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