We Ride – The Story Of Snowboarding (full video)

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We Ride is a feature length documentary film that takes you on a journey into snowboarding’s history; from the birth of the humble snurfer to a multimillion dollar global industry. Movie is narrated by Jason Lee and features people like Sherman Poppen, Chuck Barfoot, David Seoane, Tina Basich, JP Walker, Todd Richards, Jake Burton, Kier Dillon, Danny Davis, Tom Burt, Brad Steward, Tom Hsieh, Mike Chantry, Mike Basich, Regis Roland, Reto Lamm, Norm Saylor, Marcel Looze, Christophe Dubi, Danny Burrows, Gigi Rüf, Ståle Sandbech, Trent Bush, Gian Simmen, Terje Håkonsen, Trevor Graves.

BTW – there is also a cool article on snowboard history on this very 360guide site.

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