Video Interviews With World Champion Surfer Kelly Slater

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Even though Kelly Slater is very popular (or maybe because of it) there aren’t many long in depth interviews with him. There is plenty of short ones, guess the world champ is busy since every reporter out there wants a piece of him. Anyhow – here are a few cool video interviews with the best surfer out there:

Interview At 2010 Billabong Pipe Masters


Interview At 2009 Billabong Pro J-Bay


Slater Talks About Andy Irons During The O’Neal Coldwater Classic 2012


Sports Illustrated Interview

A really good interview with the surfing King was published in 2010 in Sports Illustrated magazine – check it out.


Interview In LA Times

An interview with the worlds best surfer (he had 8 world titles at the time of this interview) who is also a pro-level golfer, a musician and the voice of a surfing penguin in the animated film “Surf’s Up”.

Born in Florida, Slater, 35, has spent most of his life chasing waves around the world, which has led him to the sport’s mecca: Hawaii. Here are secrets he’s gleaned in more than two decades of calling the islands almost home.

Which Hawaiian reef have you left the most skin on?
Pipeline [North Shore of Oahu], for sure. I’ve spent the most of my time in the water there, and it’s probably the place you’re most likely to hit when you fall. Also Velzyland [also North Shore], which is probably the sharpest reef on the coast.

Describe the perfect way to catch the sunset in Hawaii.
Try to find a beach where, depending on the time of the year, the sun will set right on Kaena Point [Oahu] to the west. At the winter solstice, it’s somewhere just toward Pipeline, or west, from Sunset Beach. From Pipeline it’s behind the mountain range; watch for the green flash.

What song do you play on your ukulele that always makes you miss Hawaii?
“Tiny Bubbles” … Just kidding. I don’t know that one. Anything, really, because it … reminds you of Hawaii.

Name one personal item you never forget to take to Hawaii.
Golf clubs.

What’s the most danger you’ve ever confronted on the islands?
Getting the wrong person mad. I’m sure it could have been worse, but everyone knows everyone in Hawaii, so stay on the good side of people.

Where’s the best view in all of Hawaii?
Probably on top of Mauna Kea on the Big Island, looking into space above the clouds through a telescope.

Read the full interview by Nathan Myers at Los Angeles Times (I don’t think that the interview is still available)

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