When Will Kelly Slater Retire?

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Every year when the WCT surfing season ends the questions pops up: “Will Kelly Slater continue to compete another year or will he retire?”

This question is fuelled party by Kelly himself since he likes to keep his competitors wondering, he likes to keep them worrying and of course there is also that part where he sincerely considers it and doesn’t know what to do. I guess. Even when you achieved everything and more leaving something that was your life for so long is hard. You know that all things in life and even life itself come to an end but when they do it can be hard. Kelly already quit once in 1998 and retired for a few years only to came back and win a couple more world titles. It’s nice to go while you are on top but it’s also nice to do what you love. This is one side. The second thing to consider are his competitors. On one hand they thrive on surfing against Kelly but on the other hand I sure some of them wish he would finally retire and let someone else take the first place. Then there is the media. They need something to write about and if that something is about the best surfer of all times even the better. This is how rumours get started.

So…when will Kelly Slater retire?

Whenever the hell he wants to!

He has nothing more to prove and nothing more to achieve but at 40 years he is still at the top of his game. The hyped up “next Kelly Slaters” come and go while the original remains.

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