Mark Occhilupo Retires (and gets the shoe)

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Mark Occhilupo is one of the legends of Australian and world surfing and since he recently retired it seems only fair that he gets his own signature shoe from Globe. Occy is especially known for his big return. After his return to professional surfing in 1997 he climaxed during his World Championship year in 1999. Many have considered Occy’s return to competitive surfing one of the greatest comebacks in the history o fall sports.

Eight years later, at age 41, Mark Occhilupo finished his career at the 2007Pipeline Masters. “It’s very surreal to be retiring, and particularly at Pipeline,” said Occhilupo, as he prepared to compete in his 23rdPipeline Masters.

Mark Occhilupo Retires

“Twenty two years ago I won the PipeMasters, and my career began. Now, I’m wrapping it up here. It’s toomuch to put perfectly into words. It’s just special and meanseverything to me right now.”


“Occy’s story is an all-time classic. He’s captivated the surfing public now for 25 years, in every way imaginable, including being on top of the sport at two different times, 15 years apart. We’re excited for Occy as he enters into a phase of his surfing and look forward to supporting him in new ways,” said Michael Marck, Vp of Global Marketing for Globe.

Occy Tribute Edition Shoe

Occy Tribute Edition Shoe

The Occy Tribute Edition will be available through Globe retail accounts in May 2008. It is a Special Edition first-look at one of Globe’s newest shoe designs, the Detour.“I’m really stoked that Globe is bringing this shoe out for me,” said Occhilupo.

The shoe will have a Warholesque Pop Art repeat image of Occy as a yardage across the heal of the shoe. Offered in a vulcanized sole, this Tribute Shoe is a classic with modern graphic updating.

Occy’s Competitive Highlights

2006 Margaret River Pro (WQS)
2001 Op Pro Boat Trip Challenge
2000 Op Pro Boat Trip Challenge
1999 ASP Men’s World Championship
1999 Billabong Pro, Anglet/Mundaka
1999 Quiksilver Pro Fiji, Tavarua/Namotu Islands
1999 Gotcha Tahiti Pro, Teahupoo, Tairapu
1998 Rip Curl Pro, Bells Beach, Vic Australia
1998 Mark Richards Newcastle City Pro (WQS)
1997 Rip Curl/Surf Dive ‘n Ski Surf Skins
1997 XXXX Sunshine Pro (WQS)
1992 Hot Tuna Surfing Event (WQS)
1986 BHP Steel International, Newcastle, NSW Australia
1986 OP Pro, Huntington Beach, California
1985 Beaurepaires Open, Cronulla, NSW Australia
1985 Swan Margaret River Thriller, Margaret River
1985 OP Pro, Huntington Beach, California
1985 Gunston 500, Dairy Beach, Durban
1985 Instinct Super Series
1985 Off Shore/Marui Masters
1984 Tutti Frutti Lacanau Pro, Grande Plage, Lacanau, Gironde
1984 Country Feeling Classic, Jeffrey’s Bay
1983 Toyota Trials
1983 Beaurepaires Trials

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