The Anatomy of the Perfect Surf Camp

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We all need a little help in life, especially when we decide to take up a sport or when we want to get better at something. Surfing is one of those things that requires all the help you can get! You can take surfing lessons, watch YouTube videos or have your mates show you the ropes, but we’re here to tell you that one of the best (and effective) ways to learn how to surf or improve your surf skills is to go on a surf camp!

So, what exactly happens during a surf camp? Well, as experienced organizers of surf camps, we’ve managed to boil it down to two awesome things: surfing and relaxing.


Surf camp main attraction…

Naturally, the bulk of your time at a surf camp is spent learning how to surf. All surf schools have experienced surf instructors who will give you a great basis in this sport. If you go on a beginners’ surf camp, expect to spend a bit of time on dry land, too. Your instructor will teach you how to balance yourself on the board, how to duck dive, how to chase a wave or how to paddle. If the surf camp is aimed at intermediate surfer or even advanced ones, then expect to be taught how to do aerials or tubes. Some surf camps even record their surfers and offer in detail analysis of the surf session. This is very helpful for anyone, even those experienced surfers, so that you see exactly what went wrong during your session or what you can do to improve your technique.

The instructors are there to teach you, and guide you, so whatever question you might have, don’t be afraid to ask them! Some of them are retired pro surfers, others are passionate individuals who love to surf and teach others how to surf. If there’s one thing we can vouch for, is that your instructor knows their stuff!

There are surf camps for various surfing styles, but some of the most popular ones are big wave surfing, longboard, kitesurfing, windsurfing and stand up paddling. We recommend you start with a longboard and then see what floats your boat!

So, in short, a perfect surf camp should consist of amazing surfing sessions, held by competent and passionate instructors who will show you not only surfing skills but also how to have lots of fun while doing so!


Break the winter with some sun&beach time.

But what will you be doing when you’re not surfing? Well, the surf camp turns into a surf vacation! Your accommodation is always included within the price of the surf camp, whether you’re choosing a budget surf camp or a luxury surf vacation, so you’ll head there and take a breather, or maybe even a nap. Next, you’ll on a sightseeing trip to the surrounding areas, at a beach party, or do something on your own. Maybe you and your fellow surfers want to gather around a beach fire and talk about your day’s surfing and whatever in between. Whatever happens, you won’t get bored, that’s for sure!

You start your morning with a lovely breakfast, followed by some light yoga sessions or stretching exercises, and then you hit the beach and start everything all over again! The surf, the food, the people, the waves, the party, the sunset! It’s a perfect vacation, because any vacation that includes surfing, is down right perfect!

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