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Published on March 22nd, 2008 | by K


Billabong Metallica Boardshorts

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Billabong likes to get creative with their boardshorts. They are either making them out of old plastic bottles or together with some of the biggest rock bands on planet Earth. First there were Billabong Red Hot Chili Peppers Boardshorts, then there were Billabong Foo Fighters Boardshorts . And now we are going to rock even harder wearing Billabong Metallica Boardshorts!

Billabong Metallica Boardshorts

Billabong and Metallica will produce a limited series of Boardshorts that will arrive instores in the next few months. Metallica helped with their ideas when designing their boardshorts. The wanted less details and black or white color (remember their Black Album?). Boardshorts are also printed with famous Metallica logo. Waxcomb hanging from the pocket also has Metallica engraved on it.

Where can I get Billabong Metallica Boardshorts? They will be sold in limited numbers in Billabong stores across the world starting this May. And the price? Around 75$.

Billabong Metallica Boardshorts
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  1. hayden says:

    hey jake dis is churchy u r fat and u r gay have a nice day ;D ;D :) :)

  2. bby 123 says:

    hey these r cool


    i had one Billabong Metallica Boardshorts

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