Buy a Surfboard, Plant a Tree

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There is surf shop in United Kingdom that makes you feel good about yourself when you buy a surfboard. It is not just the feeling you get when you bring home a new stick, that would be to obvious. There is also the fact the this surf shop plants a tree for every surfboard they sell.

Loose Fit Surf Shop

The name of the shop is Loose Fit Surf Shop in North Devon, UK.  And the stuff they do is called Surf & Trees Campaign. So far the result is hundreds of planted trees and reducing the growing threat posed by carbon dioxide emissions. Surf & Trees Campaign launched in March 2006 and the trees they planted so far will result in over 200 tones of carbon dioxide being absorbed. This will give the Loose-Fit Surf Shop a Carbon Zero stamp.

Scott Burrows, Loose-Fit Environmental & Retail Manager said: ‘The scheme is working really well and it is proving to be very popular with our customers.’

Carbon Zero?

What is carbon zero? Climate change has become the most pressing environmental issue of this century. But while most Americans agree that we must do something, the challenge seems too great, too complicated for any one of us to make a difference – until now. The Conservation Fund has launched a new program that makes it easy and affordable for individuals, corporations, or even entire communities to Go ZeroSM by measuring and then offsetting their carbon dioxide emissions – simply by planting trees.

You can calculate how many trees you should be planting to go Carbon Zero and then go out and do it. Of make a donation and they will plant the trees for you.


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