Cameron Diaz Surfboard Design

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All the Chuck Norrises of surfing will be turning in their…hm…turning while wrestling bears but the surfboard company called Evolution surf got a new marketing idea for their surfboards -surfboards with celebrities paint job designs. Want a Cameron Diaz surfboard?

You’re in luck :) from this summer on you will be able to get your hands on a series of celebrities art designed surfboards. That does not mean that Justin Timberlake or Cameron Diaz will in fact be getting their hands dirty while airbrushing your stick but the designs will be inspired by them and other celebrities like Jessica Beil, TyraBanks, Geisele Bundchen, Leonardo Di Carpio, Shannon Elizabeth,Jennifer Aniston and others.

Giselle Bundchen surfboardYou are probably thinking you wouldn’t want to be caught dead on the beach with one of these puppies under your arm (we know we are), but if you are still not convinced – read on :)!

Surfboards will be available in sizes from  5’8″ to 9’2″ and will make your wallet thiner for a lousy $2800 to $4500 bucks. Bit pricey you say? Well besides Evolution Surf Celebrity Surfboard Exclusive Editions you must consider you will also be getting  their exclusive seashell fins.  Maybe Mother of Pearl seashell fins for heavier surfers? Or Gold Pua, Rose Abalone,Blue Snail Shell…

Still not convinced?  Maybe this pink Giselle Bundchen surfboard will change your mind :)

If it does, check the out at

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