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“Our idea of innovation doesn’t mean changing the colour/logo or making something 2% lighter and 20% more expensive.” Said the guys from Curve surf and started designing boardbags and other stuff from ground up.

Curve  was created by surfers frustrated at the limitations of standard surf gear. Their mission: to develop a new and radikal surf accessory range providing real solutions for core traveling surfers. Specialized gear for surfers who are sick of carrying heavy awkward surfboard coffins, who get thirsty in the surf, who don’t trust their soft racks to hold boards securely, or who could use a backup place to sleep when on the road or at the beach.

Developed and tested over an intense 4 year period each product in the Curve range has been specifically designed from the ground up; with the aim of increasing surf travel performance, minimizing hassles, and lightening the load for traveling surfers in fresh new ways.

“Our idea of innovation doesn’t mean changing the color/logo or making something 2% lighter and 20% more expensive. Instead we like to reinvent the wheel. For example the unique Overstayer boardbag design carries up to 3 surfboards while weighing up to 50% less than traditional surfboard coffins, and still offering premium full protection”.

Sounds good to us.

Overstayer multibag

We took a look at one of their boardbags – The overstayer multibag. The overstayer multibag has been designed to reduce your blood and sweat when dealing with international travel. The patented wrap closure has no bulky walls which greatly reduces the weight of the bag, making it lighter and easier to carry. And because it ‘wraps’ closed the boardbag adapts to whatever size load you throw at it, whether one board or 3, making it the most compact and adaptable travel bag you will find. Getting your boards to survive evil baggage handlers is still a priority, so they get the full treatment with a premium combination of super tough 900D exterior and 10mm shock absorbing foam core. Other benefits exclusive to the overstayer include a wax and water resistant ‘cleanzone’ compartment which protects clothes or sleepmat, plus a free wax divider / day carry sling.

Now combine the ovestayer multibag with a curve sleepmat. If you’ve ever slept rough or just on the floor you’ll realize that a backup crash pad is like genius. It stores inside the Curve overstayer boardbag ‘cleanzone’ compartment which keeps it clean and easy to access. And your board will just love the 25mm of extra padded protection. Things just fall into place :).

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