DHD Mick Fanning World Title Surfboard

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We might not be able to surf like Mick Fanning but we could get the same board Mick won his world title with. DHD surfboards is releasing the Mick Fanning World Title Replica Edition Surfboard.  This surfboard is an exact copy of the one that Mick Fanning rode in 2007.

All Mick Fanning model surfboards are made to replicate the shapes and designs used by Mick with one thing that Mick Fanning did not have – a world title logo. Not only are they the same shape, they are also shaped and glassed using the same methods – like a unique 45 degree diagonal fiberglass lamination (one layer of 4ounce fiberglass top and bottom and an extra patch of fiberglass for the back foot).

DHD surfboardsGlassing method is also aimed towards lightweight surfboard but still gives some added durability.

WCT board are another league of boards – their only aim is to be as lightweight and as high performance as possible. Durability is not a question, if Micks break one he gets a new one. This is why there is only one layer of fiberglass on the top. Still, Micks “Snapper Board” lasted all the way from his Snapper Rocks victory at the start of the 2007 WCT all the way to the Hossegor Semi Finals.

If you want one, check basesurfboards.com if not, you can still just get a pair of Micks sandals :).


  • bags says:

    They’re really milking him :D :D hope Micks cashing in his royalties. Go Mick.

  • ryan says:

    go fanning!!!!;D

  • nathan says:

    those boards are just pigs compared to what he actually rides. You can pick up a used one that mick actually rode at base at coolangatta for about 500 bucks… I have two and they go sweet.

  • Tully says:

    you are so arsome i hope you are yhe best in the world ;D;D;D;D;D;D;D;D8)8)8)8)8)8)8)

  • Tully says:

    hey mick whats up you rock i hope you are going well on tour i hope you are nuber one again

  • TERRY says:

    me & dad won one of the dhd boards, he; 75 and never surfed, and i’d like to give it a go, but don;t wont to reck it or myself , better get a beginners board hey!
    i guss the only hopes for my boys 5&7 to start.

  • Maree says:

    Have a Mick Fanning, VB promotion, surfboard for sale. A VB promotion I believe, only 3 made I have been told. Any idea of the selling price?

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