Eco friendly surfboard blanks

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Surfers like to think we are ecologically oriented nature loving reduce, reuse, recycle people. But in fact the technology that makes our surfboards is quite toxic and not very friendly to the nature. But there is some improvement here, besides again making your surfboards out of wood – Homeblown blank manufacturer has presented first “green” surfboard blank.

BioFoam surfboard blanks

Homeblown manufactures Biofoam blanks in which nearly 50% of the core ingredients are from agricultural products. Biofoam surfboard blanks are produced by replacing the polyol component of the foam with materials converted from natural plant oils. According to Homeblown, “Until now, there has been no foam surfboard blank like Biofoam which is a far better alternative for the environment.”

Surfboard makers have only focused on the longevity of their materials as an answer to the environmental pressures. Biofoam represents the first truly eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable surfboard blank in the industry. A life cycle analysis of Biofoam indicates that its production results in 36% less global warming emissions and a 61% reduction in non-renewable energy use. Biofoam surfboard blank is as lightweight and as strong as any foam blank on the market and shapes as well as any other polyurethane foam blank. Biofoam, because of its nature, has a finer and more uniform cell structure compared to those made with petroleum-based materials with which most standard surfboard blanks are still made. The foam created from biomaterials also exhibits excellent strength and flex.

About Homeblown

Homeblown US is a sister company of Homeblown UK which developed a manufacturing process that allows its advanced computerized technology to be implemented wherever the market exists. This agenda is part of the “green philosophy”, because shipping raw materials is 18 times more efficient than shipping blanks. Homeblown worldwide is known for its aggressive pursuit of the ultimate Ecoboard. My next surfboard will be made from biofoam eco friendly surfboard blank.


  • jake says:

    That’s nice to hear, I hope shapers will start using them soon, but I am afraid some time is needed to convince everybody that eco blanks are as good as the old ones. Lots of people are ecologicaly oriented just as long as it doesnt affect them personaly.

  • Kama says:

    It makes total sense to use these blanks.
    The potential for sustainable, environmentally friendly boards is astounding.
    Nature always proves better than manmade, it’s just about being committed enough to find the right natural materials to work with.
    Only the educated can make an honest choice so it’s up to them to tell the rest of the water tribe about the other options and encourage a greener demand.
    To produce 1kg of polyurethane requires an estimated 320L of water, 70L crude oil and 40kg coal, emitting up to 3.7kg’s carbon dioxide into the atmosphere during production. That’s just for 1kg! Now take every board in the world and work out the damage that is being caused.
    Reason enough to make an effort I think!!!

  • Nick says:

    So I’m in the hunt for a eco friendly blank here in hawaii? What is the benfit to ship something out here over just getting a crudy fiberglass hawaii blank? Email me THANKS

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