FCS Fusion Fin System

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FCS developed a new fin system specifically for EPS boards. FCS Fusion fin system goes in before the board is glassed and offers the performance advantages of FCS in a system that is installed before the board is laminated.

Fusion Flex plug

CS launches new Fusion pre-glass fin system features

1. Strength. Fusion is the strongest pre glass system on the market.   This was achieved by incorporating a double parabolic outline. (read: unique peanut shape) which offers constant curves that prevent the straight line shearing that fiberglass is prone to. We also incorporated a high density foam foundation. This is a patented installation feature that creates a material gradient using a bonded high density foam underneath the system to dramatically increase the impact resistance and break strength while keeping the board light and lively.

2. Performance lateral pressure. Because the fins are held in place by two screws that push against the base of the fin, base flex is greatly reduced. The fins feel much more rigid at the base and allow the direct transfer of power from your feet into your turns.

3. A shorter footprint to allow more natural tail flex in the board giving it a livelier more responsive feel.

4. Reduced Weight.  Fusion is the lightest pre glass fin system available.

5. Adjustability: We wanted to offer some forward adjustability for people who wanted to fine-tune their board’s performance by moving their fins.

6. Accuracy: We feel it is very important to see the shapers dots as they tell you at a glance that the fin system has been installed accurately.  While all other box systems require removal of the shapers dots, fusion does not.  We know that a quarter inch difference in fin placement can make a big difference on how your board performs.  FCS gives you that quality assurance at glance without complicated measuring.

Accuracy includes cant angles as well.  Because fusion has different cant angles built into the system it’s easier to install for the manufacturer because it matches the contour of the bottom of the board better. This allows for a better stronger installation with truer fin cant angles every time.

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