FCS New X-2 plug

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Looks like the FCS guys were really busy – the second new and improved thing coming from their “lab” is the new FCS X-2 fin plug. The X2 is the latest FCS plug version made out of new – stronger material.  X2 is 40 % stronger than the existing P2 plug. FCS has done extensive testing by breaking hundreds of systems and comparing the results in specially made cassettes that replicate the rail section of a surfboard. X2 offers all of the benefits of FCS, with 40 % more strength.

FCS X-2 Fin Plug
FCS New X-2 plug

FCS launches new X-2 plug features

1. Strength.  The patented H pattern attaches the plugs with anI-beam of strength from the bottom of the board right through to thedeck directly under the rider’s feet.  Since the foam in a surfboardhas very little strength the H pattern connects the only two structuralparts of the board, the fiberglass skins on the deck and the bottom.The H pattern enables the FCS plugs to be the strongest fin system inall of our testing.

2. Performance Weight. The X2 is the lightest fin system available.

3. Performance, Lateral pressure. Because the fins are held in place by two screws that push against the base of the fin, base flex is greatly reduced. The fins feel much more rigid at the base and allow the direct transfer of power from your feet into your turns.

4. Accuracy, Shapers dots are showing: Shapers spend a lot of time on their fin placements and synchronizing them with the performance they’re trying to achieve in a board. We feel it is very important to see the shapers dots because they tell you at a glance that the fin system has been installed accurately.  While other box systems require removal of the shapers dots, FCS does not.  We know that a quarter inch difference in fin placement can make a big difference on how your board performs.  FCS gives you that quality assurance at a glance without complicated measuring.

5. Performance tail flex: Because the FCS plugs have the smallest footprint they allow the tail of the board to flex more naturally. Obviously tail flex is very important because it helps you create speed.  It also makes the board more forgiving in radical maneuvers due to the natural adjustment with the curve of the wave and the arc of your turns.

6 Accuracy and Strength cant angles:  Accuracy includes cant angles as well.  Because X2 is a plug it can be angled dramatically and has a4 degree cant angle built into the the rail plugs of the system. It is easier to install for the manufacturer because it matches the contour of the bottom of the board better. This allows for a better, stronger installation with truer fin cant angles every time.

7. Adaptability:  The small footprint of the X2 plug also allows it to fit easily into boards with channel bottoms, Bonzer concaves, and other dramatic bottom contours.


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