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FireWire News

What’s new with FireWire surfboards? They announced the release of their longboard line. Firewire Longboards feature an EPS core, high density skin and PARABOLIC balsa rails. The result is a lightweight and durable longboard that gets the same performance kick like the rest of the Firewire surfboards.  Mark Price the chief of Firewire USA “With all the success of our shortboards, it’s ironic that some of our best feedback has come from the longboards we’ve tested. Applying flex memory and rapid rebound to longboards eliminates chatter through increased dampening;at the same time the FST construction provides insane acceleration; not to mention the 30% weight saving and increased durability over a traditional PU longboard.”

For starters there will be five different Firewire Longboard models designed and shaped by Dan Mann. New sticks will be available beginning June.

The FireWire Surfboards story

FireWire Surfboards logoFireWire is a fairly new surfboard brand that has already made a big name for themself. The made the first epoxy surfboard that was ridden in the WCT event. Taj Burrows rode a Firewire in the Billabong WCT Jefferies Bay event in 2006 and placed 2nd behind Mick Fanning. Taj was kind of excited to put it mildly and he joined the FireWire team.

Putting the stringer on the rail

The basic idea behind the FireWire surfboards is to put the stringer from the center of the surfboard where it just sits and feels boring and kind of  helps to make the board stronger to the rails of the surfboard. Once you have your stringer on the rails you can put it to full use.

Firewire Surfboard - make your balsa rails work harderParabolic Balsa Wood Rails

So how do you use the stringer once it sits in the rail? Balsa wood rails flex at the start of every turn and store the energy into the rail. Through the turn this stored energy is released in the form of speed. That gives you an additional boost, a kick out of the turn and greater speed.

And the rest…

Apart from the “Put the stringer where it can help you surf” idea FireWire surfboards also play with other new technologies like sandwich construction, EPS foam, epoxy resins and more. The end result is as they like to say – top performance and top durability. Check them out at

And yes, FireWire Surfboards are a members of 1% For The Planet.



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