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Published on January 15th, 2012 | by K


History Of The Surfboard: From 150lb/68kg Straight Planks To Modern Quads

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60 Responses to History Of The Surfboard: From 150lb/68kg Straight Planks To Modern Quads

  1. Hadley says:

    We had to do a research project on an invintion in school, so I chose the surfboard!! Thanks to this site, my project was a success!!! Thanks!! :D

  2. SKERDS says:

    this text is the greatest
    i spent ages looking for something like this for my assinment now ive found what ive been looking for.
    thanks writer happy surfing ayye

  3. stephen says:

    the Hawaiians invented the surfboard. It is such a old invention that u can only say that culture invented it not just one person

  4. 5tete says:

    ello peeps waz up bro ts web site is ok but wat is the dates of al the dif shape sof sufbourds a man wayevs surf ups luv 2 surf mad waves

  5. Ryan Doherty says:

    My Name is ryan doherty and i recon that i am the best surfer in australia and really think this is a helpful website, though my dad greg doherty said that our ansestor Archy doherty created the fist surf board in 1745, he was the first englishmen to discover hawaii before Captin james cook, though he didnt get any of the credit, he was sent to dicover places and sail back home to tell Captin James Cook that was he discovered was worth discovering, this website is a load of shit i personally think that all you kooks dont have a clue what your talking about.
    Yours sincerly Ryan Doherty ;D

  6. Lexi says:

    That is really cool!;)im doing a project on the surfboard and im going to take your word on this website cuz i belive you;)about the rocker dude that is the stupidest thing i havr ever heard

  7. will pascoe says:

    why am i weirdly addicted to this site

  8. CAIT says:


  9. Shay says:

    Yeah man thanx heaps for this site stupid homework i hav to do!!!!;D:'(:-*:-*

  10. Tim says:

    Dear Surfboard God,
    Today in marine study’s we did a research task on the rocker on the surf board. I found this website even tho belle said she did but i did she’s lieing cause she mean but anyways the real point is like no one elected darcy as project manger and hes being a total tool to everyone and like i really tried and he deleted my paragraph and it hurt mi feelings and stuff so what im really trying to say is like should we be friends or not i dunno plz help me surfboard god.
    Yours sinsrlly and truely Mr Tim Black Scorpian

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