The Immigrants of Bali: Why People Move to the Island of Gods

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Bali is an island in Indonesia that is considered as the best exotic place on earth for the majority of the travelers. The beach, the sun, the jungle, and the huge variety on the landscape are making Bali as a dream they want not to end. The Indonesian cuisine is adored by everyone and the view of life due to their religious views can make a visitor feel blessed that he is on this island.

There are also a lot of people from all around the world that made this destination their home. They have turned into reality what many may consider to be a dream that cannot be fulfilled. They made a decision to renounce their life habits, to leave their family house and grabbed the “once in a life time” opportunity for following their dreams. That’s exactly what they gained by deciding to leave their suffocating everyday life and migrate to Bali’s terrestrial paradise in distant Indonesia. World financial crisis made that decision stronger; because they realized that there are places on Earth that are really worth living. Today, they are sitting in their totally green garden, next to the swimming pool, free from unnecessary anxiety. Most of them, if you ask them, they consider this decision as the best they have ever had in their lives. With tourism boom Bali has become also a first-rate opportunity to invest in the land, taking advantage of the turbulent growth rates in the real estate sector.

When you go up north Bali becomes mountainous. I suggest you leave the main road and venture into the mountains. Then leave the side road and take the most stupidly steep and narrow path into the jungle. Hello exploration and solitude. A nice relief from the Kuta madness.

In the beginning, the conditions were inconvenient: Bali was under development, but it lagged far from the modern European cities people from the west had been accustomed to living. And while Bali has developed a lot in the meantime, people also started to get used to the way of life on the island. Here everything moves in an annoyingly relaxed rhythm and Bali not a place that is suitable for overactive people. In part this is also a reason why someone would like to move here.

The majority of the immigrants are somehow connected with travel industry. Either they have travel agencies that sell services on the island (like for instance this luxury spa Bali), renting villas and hotel rooms and scheduling local trips to the most famous sightseeing places on this wonderful island. One of the other more common occupations connected to tourism is also real estate business. Whoever had enough money, they invested in a villa, a beach house, bungalows…and they rent them throughout the year. These are usually top places with all the amenities available for the guests, from a personal driver to a personal chef 24 hours a day and bring in good money while they are still cheap in comparison to same level places in the west. This kind of job is really profitable for anyone who decides to buy a house in Bali.

Many immigrants also decided to start a beach bar or a nice restaurant. People moving here from all over the world always introduce some of their home country cuisine to the island so Bali has some of the most diverse eating scene on the planet! You can taste anything from Greek cuisine, French cuisine, Turkish food..from sushi places to posh five start restaurants, from fast food joints to delicious ice cream, whatever you want, it’s there. Their little secret is that even though everybody likes the Indonesian way of cooking, they feel proud of introducing their own tastes, traditions and ways how people are eating in their home country.

Deciding to leave for this island is not such a bad idea, but it is not all sunshine and roses. Well, most of it actually is :) – you can wake up every morning to warm weather and if you are a surfer you have great waves year round. The downside would be mostly crazy traffic and chaos on the streets, pollution, crowds and lazy rhythm of living. If you like to get things done quickly and efficiently then this is maybe not the best place for you, for everybody else it can be a dream come true.

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