The Importance of Getting Restful Sleep When Training for Surfing

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Even as you train, do not neglect your sleep as it is a valuable tool. I’ve realized that although it’s essential for an athlete, lots of surfers ignore it. I came across some new reviews from Try Mattress which stressed the importance of sleep in improving performance. What more can an athlete ask for? Here, I would like to show you why you need to follow a strict sleeping schedule while training for surfing. It should be respected because it’s still part of your training routine. Remember that if you’re not getting enough sleep, you won’t get your desired results.

Better Reaction Times

Sleep deprivation reduces your reaction times. I’ve found out that staying up for one whole night decreases your reaction time by 300% and recovering takes time. Research shows that not sleeping for close to 22 hours slows down your surfing reaction time. That’s more than taking four drinks! Although feeling fatigued and being intoxicated is not the same thing, they both reduce your performance. So, just as you can’t ‘hit the waves’ after four beers, don’t expect to be at your best by sleeping less.

Improved Overall Health and Reduced Injury Rates

Studies show that the rates of injuries in surfing athletes have increased when they don’t get enough sleep. Another report revealed that sleep hours were the largest predictors of a surfer’s injuries. You’ll discover that this is even more than the hours you put into practice.

Longer Surfing Careers

We want to surf till we grow old but sadly; we don’t know that by neglecting sleep, we’re slowly shortening our careers. Your greatest enemy here is fatigue and to fight it, the only remedy is sleep. Once you give yourself enough rest, you allow the body to repair and heal sore muscles. Eventually, you’ll realize that other than just perfecting your skills, getting enough sleep is another crucial step in your surfing journey!

Fewer Mental Errors

Lack of sleep impairs your judgment. Studies continue to show that your focus, memory, motivation and learning are affected by short sleep. Besides, without enough rest, your brain struggles in retaining stuff and absorbing new material. There have also been reports which show that lack of sleep damages the brain’s frontal lobe causing various effects such as:

  • Poor decision making
  • You’re afraid of surfing as it makes you sensitive to taking risks
  • Hinders your inhibitions and moral reasoning

As a professional surfer, you shouldn’t ignore this. So, what can you do to solve this? Well, it’s pretty simple, after training, allow your body and mind to relax. I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the results.

Recovering From a Stressful Training Session

We all have bad days in ‘office.’ These are times when nothing seems to be working according to plan. For the life of a surfer, this causes stress and lack of motivation. Some of these causes of stress are:

  • Getting injured during training
  • Disagreements with your coach or teammates
  • Increased competition and fatigue
  • Personal dissatisfaction in your performance

If you’re going through such ordeals or more, do not rush for a glass of wine or beer. Such drinks will only destroy your fitness which worsens the situation! Instead, I’ve found that the only way to fight these troublesome conditions is by just sleeping. As you rest through the night, you allow your brain to recover from the emotions of the day.

We all know that sleep in an essential component if we want to live long and healthy lives. As a surfer, sleep plays a huge role in your success. By improving your motor skills and helping to heal as well as repair muscles, it gives you the strength to keep on surfing!

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